waterfront kids

by kai bravewood

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released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


kai bravewood Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

kai bravewood is a second identity created to address and embrace ones demons

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Track Name: oceans
i am barefoot in dandelions
this is childhood in cherry blossoms
running for the sun through the
gardens should be cemeteries
lying underneath what my loved ones planted in me
this is life after death i believe
sometimes i close my eyes and pretend i'm in black and white
the white house was torn down
where i grew up is a parking lot now
there were light lines on the ceiling
saltspring island, picking blackberries
everything changes, everything fucking changes

earth eyes
separate me from my body
i would like to be the ocean instead of a human being

i'm getting older
i'm nineteen years old, my life's a quarter over
it is five in the morning
touch me, fuck me, like you want this
(everything changes)
and i'm not afraid to taste your skin
Track Name: sun
this is for the three or four years of despondence,
every drunken night at my place dancing on the carpet,
the seven white lines i have comfortably accepted
every mistake should be a learning experience
every blacked out, broken hand, mental break down
all the self destruction in my life has had a purpose
everything changed on the hospital bed
i said
i don't wanna live like this

my mother told me that i should live authentic
so i quit my job and dropped out of college
the waterfront kids took me across the continent
for the first time in my life i felt a sort of importance
today the sun hit the crystal in my window and the light refracted
rainbows, all across my bedroom
everything changed in these eighteen months
i said
i think i could die content
Track Name: wave goodbye to 1232
i rebuilt this house from hell to home again to have a place to keep all of my friends safe and occupy these empty spaces
painted over scars with pretty colours, and pictures, and posters
rearranged all the furniture
because now i hate loud noises, slamming doors make me feel anxious
all these awkward feelings
familiar faces of highschool
no, we rebuilt this house from hell to home
held the hands of all the ghosts
straight through the walls and out the window
love is in these living room conversations
the waterfront kids have got something to give
and i built this house
we built this house
Track Name: hollow bodies
today, i put on a dress and makeup, stared in the mirror, i was a beautiful painted picture
stopped time to think for a while about how i'm not a slave to the man-made purpose to serve
a reason to serve

break me down into my elements
human beings were created mb an explosion, we're pieces biologically connected
why the hell to i waste my time on selfish, egosentrics
if i could i'd open up my chest and tear my self apart
pull the passion that's inside me and plant it in the dirt
i swear that i see hollow bodies
i swear that i need to preserve feelings

i can feel the sun come up, she's kissing my lips and cheeks in the stillness of the morning light
i have made a lot of mistakes in my life
i am falling in love with you all the time
find comfort in dying
maybe the whole purpose of living is just knowing thats its ending
like if everything is temporary everything has purpose to me
deep breaths out then in
a reason to serve
Track Name: trees
there's something quite romantic in comfort
chels and i eat ice cream in the bathtub
we're two house plants in love
she's something quite delicate, like childhood is, like both of us in handcuffs, we were like punk kids
like my best friends
we steal conservative signs, we take disposable photographs
you guys are my soul mates
you guys are like red wine, daydreams, montreal living
je t'adore, je t'aime
jason and frances are waiting for me
this is infinity

i am ready to be born again

because i wanna believe in something
"can you feel the trees?" she asked me
they are breathing, bodies
i wanna feel everything

i cut if off, i cut it off and bleached it, like ponyboy did, so nobody will know who i am
everything comes in waves
everything connects the same
have you wondered why tree branches look just like our veins?
i pick the flowers, celebrate that in life nothing pure will stay

i am ready if you are ready to be born again

god bless the waterfront kids
Track Name: forever
although we're both half-naked, drunk in bed, try and not feel so affectionate
as my fingertips run down her neck i'm having trouble trying to admit feelings for a close friend, i don't want that, i know you are broken from the last one
so its selfish for thinking "i wish she touched me the same way that she just touched him"
and if we're always on the same page then therefore we're both daydreaming of your tongue in-between my lips
i'd love to fall in love again
i hate the inconvenience of this
we both woke up forty-five minuets before we were supposed too, i wanna talk about it

we are eighteen forever
you're everything i believe in
(do you feel the same way?)