spring sounds

by kai bravewood

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released May 7, 2015

all drums recorded by max wall



all rights reserved


kai bravewood Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

kai bravewood is a second identity created to address and embrace ones demons

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Track Name: new years
I love you but I'll just hold you down
but if you stay with me I promise to work on myself
but I need you right now
I don't deserve it, I'm an addict and I'm worried about my health

so get mad at me
tell me that I'm not a perfect human being
tell me that I look terrible
so tell me I'm a junky
it's quite disturbing to think what my friends see

I love you but I'll just let you down
but if you stay with me I'll promise to try and love myself
but I need you right now
come back home and tuck me in and let me fall asleep again
Track Name: that's janked, man
maybe numbing aint' the right thing
i am thinking
as im puking out the window
of the back seat
5 to 6 cups of coffee isnt healthy
but its all i got
but alone at 3am all the cars and people go to bed
been ignoring all my friends
maybe human is not my skin
im conscious of unconsciousness
those poor people inside their beds
are waking up soon to be dead all fucking day again
but what is that supposed to mean?
everything is spinning i cant see
im sick of head aches
Track Name: i threw away the picture in my wallet
as much as you'd love me to forgive
I'm bitter
for selfishness
accusing me of same distractions
and blaming me for making us past tense
your confidence of making out with my friends
to answer questions; yes this is how I wanna end it
I find myself under sun beams and beach rocks
I am ghosting
I fucking love black pants, shoes and socks
and making love with her after taking them off

grass stains and rough hands
fall in love with your best friends
caribou and cigarettes
Sunday nights and bathroom haircuts

oh no, I'm wasted again
I am in the part, drunk
I am screaming out loud
"all my insecurities"
so thanks for the phone call
you really reassured me
you'd think after this long I could tell when you were lying to me

I'm not mad or even upset
cause I'm bitter
as my mom says "we are just but kids"
attraction of complete opposites
Track Name: i will always hold your hand
if I were to be
diagnosed with a brain tumour with one week
would I finally see?
and would I completely
reevaluate me?
should have I lived differently?
of course I should
feel my chest, again
like you did
I want this
this time tear me open
say that you need this
let me live under your skin
Track Name: blueberry crisp
Chelsea says I only write sad songs
but baby Greyson said he hasn't seen me this happy in so long
Riley reminded me I'm not small
I've changed lives he said "you've changed mine"
and for an hour I stood at the train tracks
thinking "what if I'd left?"
so although I cut my skin open to feel like I control something
I'm so scared to die
Track Name: strawberry sunshine
I want you bad
although I'm broken as your friend instead
I may be broken but a beat's still in my chest
we'll stay home, get drunk and watch movies instead

as a young man I've found I have all of these questions
but I'm without plans so let's talk until I fall asleep in your bed
take off your sweatshirt and your black pants and crawl back under my skin
we'll count stars and take pictures
if the places inside of our heads
I'm too young to be feeling this old
tired of drinking alone
I love our conversations on the phone about finding homes

I want you bad
though I'm as your friend insisted
I wear your bites and bruises, nail marks on my neck
cause we stay home get drunk and watch movies instead